Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BAKED Sunday Mornings: Blackberry Pie

Happy Independence Day everyone! Don't let the pictures fool you- this Baked recipe is for Blackberry pie. Since I don't like blackberries, I used strawberries. I also halved the recipe. This was a really easy pie recipe to make. I love pie dough recipes that come together in the food processor- so simple! Making the fruit filling was also really straightforward and didn't take a long time.

I brought this pie over to my mom's house where we're busy getting ready for a garage sale next weekend. When making this pie, I forgot that I'm not a big fan of cooked strawberry desserts, and so I wasn't a huge fan of this pie. I did love the simplicity of the recipe and now I wonder if I would have liked it better if I had used blackberries.

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